What Can I Do For You?

Write - Record - Edit - Mix - Produce



Are you looking for a song written for you or do you just want a Co-Writer to vibe out with and get that next hit exactly the way you want it?  No problem.  


This is the tracking process.  Based off of your needs is how we will handle this part of the process.  If you need a giant facility with an entire orchestra, we can rent that out.  If you just need some guitar sections or vocals, we can handle that as well.  Whatever the project calls for is how we will adress this step.


In the process of editing, the engineer gets all the tracks in the session ready to be mixed.  This is where the vocals get cleaned up.  This is where the best pieces of that amzing solo get comped together, if need be.  This is the area where all the best takes are collected, analyzed and decisions are made to move forward in the process.


Mixing is the process of finding the best balance between all the pieces of the puzzle.  Mixing is where all the fun stuff happens.  Decisions for maximizing the best partnership of frequencies are made.  Decisions to use Delays, Reverbs and other FX happen in this step.  This is the process that allows the Wall of Guitars or that chest hitting bass or the giant in your face vocal to become a reality.


A song production from the ground up is no simple task but in short, the Producer is the shot caller.  The Producer will be the one to select what players sound best with what singers and decide who will be a part of the process in its entirety.  The Producer selects the Studios used to track, edit and mix most of the time.  The Producer generally has a vision and is the one best fit to make that vision become a reality.  

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